We Are Growing


Follow along on Instagram - @avalonlavender - as we make a dream of our family lavender farm a reality. From planning, to planting, and growing: we're working hard to bring acres of English and French lavender to life on our farm in Mono, Ontario. 

Our Mission and Vision

Avalon Lavender Farm will be a serene country farm that invites guests to connect with nature, pick their own lavender, enjoy health and earth-connected workshops and events, and purchase premium natural, hand-crafted, perfumed products. 

Paid Work? Volunteering? Events & Workshops? Let's Talk

Fill out THIS FORM so that we know what YOU are most interested in! We're looking for nature lovers, paid workers, collaborators, and supporters. We can't wait to hear from you. 

MOOD HONEY: Farm to Fragrance, Plant to Perfume

All MOOD HONEY botanical perfume products are already hand-made on-site in Avalon's creation kitchen/studio. By expanding our work to include growing our own lavender, we are able to deepen our customer's connection to the natural ingredients that create MOOD HONEY's products. 

If your MOOD HONEY product has this sticker...

...then you know it was made using product(s) grown on our farm!

We can't wait to welcome our first guests to the farm; for you to experience how nature's fragrances can sweeten your mood.

Our Story

In 2019 we left Toronto with our three small children, and moved to an 1873 farmhouse in the rolling green hills of Mono, Ontario. We wanted more connection with earth, air, water, green, and for these precious family years to mean something special.