Pants Optional & Perfume Essential: A Quarantine Mood Tip

If you're as hardcore nerdy about smells and perfume and moods and the scientific link between these things as us, then we have your article of the day. Lifestyle magazine Refinery 29 has posted a delicious piece about how wearing your best fragrances during quarantine is a major mood-helper.

The article features notorious scent-scientist and author, Rachel Herz (author of The Scent of Desire: Discovering our Enigmatic Sense of Smell), who says 

“Scents have a very special capability of immediately triggering emotion because of where they are processed in the brain. As soon as we smell something, our amygdala, where emotion and emotional memory is processed, is activated before any other part of the brain, so you get an instant initiation of an emotional response.”  Read the full article, here. Then, for your own sanity, stop saving your favourite perfumes and give yourself a much-deserved mood boost by wearing them: Just. For. You.